Enterprise economic and societal progress

We believe in the power of African entrepreneurs. We develop and enhance their leadership and commercial capabilities to anchor and grow impact that will deliver improved livelihoods.

GrowthAfrica’s theory of change is built on the belief that Africa’s most potent route to social and economic transformation goes through ensuring that as many of its citizens have an opportunity to become productive members of their communities, i.e. have access to employment and income generating activities.

We believe that by supporting ambitious, committed and capable entrepreneurs shorting and broadening their entrepreneurial success we can have a more substantial, impactful and lasting effect. These ventures will with an accelerated growth trajectory provide the employment and income generating opportunities that will create the social and economic transformation that is needed to sustain our continent's path to wealth and well-being.

Entrepreneurs as the fuel to progress

We believe that the overriding measure of our impact lies in the number of jobs and income generating opportunities; this must however be seen in the light of our commitment to a positive impact from this, i.e. we screen all of our entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups and business partners for their commitment to leveraging their business activities for the betterment of the communities they operate in.

Enhancing and harnessing the leadership of the entrepreneurs we work with is integral to preparing for them the challenges and journey that lies ahead of them and their team.

Jobs created Direct and formal jobs created by the entrepreneurs we assist
Income generating opportuinities Individuals adding income through our ventures’ activities
Entrepreneurs Have graduated from our acceleration programmes to date
Cohorts Groups of averagely 12 ventures gone through our programme

Illustrating impact

World class business acceleration delivered and anchored in Africa

Ventures per country

152 in total


Mentors and speakers


Applications received


Investors in database


Industries covered

289 Entrepreneurs
194 Male
95 Female

How can we work together to deliver impact?

Contact us to start a dialogue on how we can add value to your activities and mission.

Ian Lorenzen Executive Director & Partner Skype: ian_lorenzen ilo@growthafrica.com

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