Danish business and tech institute in Kenya

GrowthAfrica will have the pleasure to meet a representative from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (http://zibat.dk/) who is in East Africa to explore and develop business opportunities for the institute.About Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT):

ZIBAT offers its students the possibility of either choosing a career in business after the AP Degree or continuing studies at a higher level for a Bachelor degree before joining business life. Its aim is to focus equally on both possibilities, thus giving its students a strong foundation and a wide range of possibilities when deciding on their future career.

A modern and challenging study environment

When joining ZIBAT as a student you join one of our 5 international Campus located in the Zealand region. Each Campus will offer you a modern and challenging study environment. Of course you have free access to modern IT equipment as all common areas are facilitated with computers. We have wireless internet in all Campus locations giving the students possibility of connecting to the internet whenever needed. 

Students from all over the world

ZIBAT expects that the students who decide to go abroad to study to be open minded and eager to experience new ways of living and learning. In return our Teachers are dedicated to welcome students to their new environment and the goal is to stimulate students develop both academically and on a personal level. In order to achieve this goal, learning methods are forward-looking.

Students from many countries meet in the class room, share ideas, and get to know each other and each other’s’ cultures. This exchange of ideas may be as rewarding as the study, giving students contacts all over the world enabling them to form friendships everywhere. Not to mention that a friend from academy may be your business partner of tomorrow.