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[do action=”intro”]Partnerships are integral to the texture of our business – to how we facilitate, develop and deliver business.  We believe value and success are delivered by partnerships which provide our clients and stakeholders with the right expertise and resources[/do]

Growth Africa - Partner with us

An invitation!

We invite you to work with us leveraging our individual organisations’ knowledge and experience pool to discover and develop existing and new business opportunities. How do you see us work together delivering more value to our customers and stakeholders? We are waiting to hear from you »

To us sustained innovation and growth will come from strategic collaborations with external partners across industries, sectors and geography.

Why join as partners?

[do action=”box-paragraph”]Our strengths and longtime experience in East Africa and emerging economies make us uniquely positioned to embrace and seize opportunities which can be leveraged on our:

    • Extensive East African expertise
    • Entrepreneurial mindset and background
    • Investment and SME financing experience
    • Approach to developing business and accelerating growth
    • Capacity to facilitate partnerships
    • Mix of integrated activities and business areas
    • Regional and global network
    • Ability to be either or both infield hands-on or office strategic
    • Organisational mission and values


Share with us how we can work together and on what »

What are we looking for?

[do action=”box-paragraph”]Our partners are individuals or commercial, public, non-profit or hybrid organisations which can add value to our activities or to whom we can do the same. We seek partnerships based on:

    • Innovation, expansion and enhancement of our business
    • Long-term commitment
    • Openness and honesty
    • Shared values and partnership vision
    • Mutual interest, -gain and trust
    • Transparency and accountability
    • Personal chemistry


We believe that great things happen, when bringing the right people and organisations to work together in mutually beneficial partnerships.

GrowthAfrica is a lead partner in Africa Business Frontiers which is a network of Danish business consultants on the ground in Africa dedicated to facilitating and developing Nordic companies’ presence in and across Africa.