Business acceleration services

We work with and deliver services accelerating the business of East African growth companies and international firms expanding in, into or across Africa.

Avoid cultural and market pitfalls, minimise risks, secure the right partners and resources – all in the most time and cost effective manner. We are in the business of supporting the setting up of your business in east Africa and acceleration of your business success.

We do this through products and services, which cater for each of the steps from idea/market opportunity to a successfully operational East African business.

Our products and services are designed to support:

We work international companies interested in East Africa, national internationalisation/export agencies, East African growth SMEs and international agencies focused on supporting business development and growth in Africa.

If you are looking for a partner and consultant who is passionate about Africa and its vast opportunities yet also very knowledgeable about its pitfalls and challenges then GrowthAfrica is the absolute right match. They are an entrepreneurial team with the skills you will need in Africa.Anders Boelskifte Mogensen, MD & Partner in Seismonaut
Manufacturing and Processing Business

Our consulting services offer a sequence of services from opportunity conceptualisation to project implementation across access to financing/investments. We tailor our services as per your requirements and needs. Our level of engagement will be scaled based on your needs, experience and the complexity of the assignment.

Application writing, project reporting & documentation
Do you have the time and insights to effectively write the project- or funding application(s) that speaks exactly to what the donor’s/funder’s/investor’s needs to know and in their “language”?

We offer you the expertise and years of experience in application writing and financial proposal development which communicates successfully to the respective donor/funder/investor. This service minimises the burden of paperwork, long procedures and challenges with bridging your way of operating with that of the donor/funder/investor.

The east African markets are fairly complex with dynamics very different from those experienced in Scandinavian companies’ traditional markets. The markets hold a lot of potential for companies that are willing to grab the opportunities offered – and which have prepared for the markets and their characteristics.

The special market drivers, dynamics and factors emphasise the need for market and feasibility studies, which provide valuable information, when assessing market potential and developing market strategies.

GrowthAfrica perform market and feasibility studies to provide data and information on matters such as: competitors, the market in all its aspects and the consumers of the products or services. We tailor the service to your needs and requirements.

One of the vital components of a successful partnership is the mapping, assessment and transfer of knowledge and expertise required to make your business grow. Often too little attention is paid to this.

We identify the training and assistance needs and requirements with your local business partner. The needs may range from basic needs such as safety, quality assurance and interpersonal skills, to more complex needs such as specialised production processes and skills.

Upon assessment of the needs, we can assist in the design of training plans for the knowledge transfer.

Leveraging a decade’s work with local entrepreneurs and innovations, GrowthAfrica is uniquely suited to drive the process of adapting your current product or service, or to create new products and services afresh, around specific value propositions and a given set of resources and technologies.

GrowthAfrica is on the ground and we have been developing strategies and business plans together with Scandinavian companies and local businesses since 2002. We understand the region and are in a strong position to advice you and your local partner or counterpart, provide feedback and input to your business model and approach. The inclusive facilitated process is aimed at building ownership of the strategy with your local partner while providing you with a proactive contribution.

A business plan is often required documentation by donors/funders/investors and we are ready to help you acquire the resources that will make your East African business a success.