GrowthAfrica Acceleration Programme 2019 in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia

The GrowthAfrica Business Scaleup Acceleration Programme is demanding, but so is success! The programme and our support is designed to help you scale your venture, make it investment ready and develop your entrepreneurial leadership.

Apply for the programme here for Zambia, here for Kenya, here for Uganda and here for Ethiopia.

Applications are now open for our 2019 GrowthAfrica Business Scaleup Accelerator Programme in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia. We will for each country select 15 ambitious, committed entrepreneurs with high potential to grow and create significant impact with a focus on high impact employment and income generating opportunities.

The GrowthAfrica Acceleration Programme is designed to help you scale your venture, make it investment ready and develop your entrepreneurial leadership with the aim of unlocking significant growth in your business.

What GrowthAfrica offers


Who are we looking for?

For profit, post revenue business with an innovative product, service or methodology


We are open to all sectors but have a soft spot for:

The programme’s first phase consists of 18 workshop days spread over a 6 months’ period. The programme kicks off with a 5-day visioning bootcamp and then subsequently five 2-days workshops where we establish the foundation and equip you with tools to diagnose your business and devise strategies to optimize your business in all conceivable areas. This part is concluded with 3-day actioning bootcamp where businesses come up with an implementation action plan for their 3-year vision.

After each workshop you will work in-company with the assistance of external business experts, GrowthAfrica growth catalysts and financial modelers. We will be working to implement your new strategies and innovations – boosting your growth trajectory in significant ways.

The second phase of the programme involves 24 months of one-on-one support from the GrowthAfrica team, a pool of external business leaders and support by GrowthAfrica’s investment facilitation team.

Success stories from our entrepreneurs

Goat n Chips CoFounder Zambia

Goat n’ Chips has greatly benefited from GrowthAfrica . We have made significant enhancements to our supply chain management, operations, customer service and financial & human resource management functions. The result is greater customer satisfaction and retention and better financial performance – Moses Musiwa, Co-founder of Goat n’ Chips

See all our portfolio companies here

What does the programme cost?

GrowthAfrica has created a model where we share in the success, we co-create with you. The model looks at sharing revenue, equity and a success fee on investment raised. A representative of GrowthAfrica will elaborate more of this in person.

Application details

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Download the APPLICATION PACKAGE and FAQS here if you wish to prepare off-line.

In case you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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