About us

[do action=”intro”]GrowthAfrica was founded on the desire and mission to proactively contribute to the social and economic growth of African economies through strengthening of the competitiveness of local enterprises[/do]

About Growth Africa

This growth to us is achieved by supporting, setting up and accelerating of business ideas, commercial ventures and partnerships.

GrowthAfrica is founded on a love story to Africa, its people and the vast ranges of opportunities that we see and live. The company was founded in 2000 with consulting as its first business area.

GrowthAfrica Consulting focuses on market entry and expansion as well as partnership facilitation between international and East African companies.

“Opportunities seized”: A spin on “carpe diem”, our motto captures the essence of our nature: proactive, dependable and conscientious!

Opportunities are likely to be seized by someone else, loose its value or disappear altogether, if we procrastinate – hence our motto also requires us to insistently persuade the people and organisations to whom the opportunity holds value, and to vigorously and diligently facilitate the partnership between the relevant people and organisations.

Bringing together of the right people, resources and knowledge to create or enhance a business has from the onset of our business been a common thread throughout the business. Facilitation of commercial and hybrid partnerships is a key means to achieving the organisation’s mission.

[do action=”box-paragraph”]The company today works with five business areas:


We are opportunity driven rather than sector or industry focused. Our background though gives us a special appetite for ventures and partnerships with IT and mobile technologies and content. Our project and client list illustrates in full the wide range of business areas we over the years have been working with and assisted.